Welcome to Homestead Ježek. Welcome home.

Spend the night at the homestead haven

On the outskirts of Ljubljana, in close proximity to the city bustle, you can spend the night or more in harmony, surrounded by nature, enjoying peace and privacy all while immersing yourself in the feeling of warmth and domesticity. You will find haven in personal apartments and carefully designed eco houses and we will take care of all the necessary details to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. You will see that behind the doors of our homestead time flies differently. 

Create memories that words cannot describe

A hall of unforgettable moments

Life is a wonderful collage of priceless moments, and the Ježek's timeless multi-purpose hall in its rustic extravaganza is the perfect place to create them. When-ever we invite people, whether it is for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries or for a business meeting, seminar, education, team-building... we want them to have a good time. Being in a warm ambient beside a wonderful fireplace in our homestead, you are one step closer to that.

Love is a homemade food.

Culinary offer

Food has always been one of the most beautiful languages of love. it lifts our spirits and is an important part of business, as well as leisurely gatherings. Homemade, natural, traditional and delicious are words that can describe the delicacies that are always served to our guests...

The most powerful ideas are often born in unusual places.

Business experiences

Every meeting, lecture or business gathering can become a business experience in the right environment with the right energy and cuisine, where new ideas are born from extraordinary brainstorms. An experience that inspires and encourages collaboration between all participants…